Personal Statement

Dr. Thomas Walter

Hamburg - Zürich - Munich
As a native German from Hamburg, Germany, with a Swiss passport, I started to work for DOCOMO Euro-Labs in May 2002. Before, I enjoyed life in academia at the University of Hamburg, Germany, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich, Switzerland. Before joining DOCOMO Euro-Labs, I was with a Swiss start-up company which did multi-media courses for the continuous education of general physicians and medical experts.

As a matter of fact, flexibility is an ever important asset. I started to work on application and mobile device security even before smart phones became very popular. Later I took responsibility for the research management at DOCOMO Euro-Labs as well as Intellectual Property Right and the IT infrastructure. Currently, I am in charge of standardization at DOCOMO Euro-Labs.

And, how is it to work at DOCOMO Euro-Labs? Challenging!