Jan 2022

NTT DOCOMO published 6G White Paper version 4

The new version of the DOCOMO White Paper on 5G Evolution and 6G is now available online, which includes contributions and inputs from DOCOMO Euro-Labs.

On January 11th, 2022, NTT DOCOMO published version 4 of the White Paper that describes DOCOMO’s technological vision on 5G Evolution and 6G.

The new version of the White Paper includes an extended analysis of the future use cases and applications in Chapter 4 ("New Value Provision in the 6G Era") and more details on technological development and research areas in Chapter 5. DOCOMO Euro-Labs contributed to the White Paper in various technical topics such as on the “flexible deployment of network functions”, “RAN-Core convergence”, “high-reliability and deterministic communication", “simple network” and “security”.

DOCOMO Euro-Labs is the center of excellence of NTT DOCOMO for the Core Network Standardization and Technical Work. Our mission is to contribute to the evolution of future mobile systems, research areas include 5G Evolution, 6G and Network Virtualization technologies toward realizing creation of new values, sustainable society and well-being.

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