Jun 2022

One6G published white papers on “6G Use Cases” and “6G Technology Overview” and online survey results for vertical domains’ requirements for 6G

One6G published two white papers on “6G Vertical Use Cases: Descriptions and Analysis” and on “6G Technology Overview”. In addition, one6G also published the results of an online survey for “vertical sectors’ requirements for 6G”. The White Papers and the online survey results are available in the one6G website.

One6G approved the publication of two following White Papers:

  • “6G Vertical Use Cases – Descriptions and Analysis”, which specifies a number of use cases from both technology and vertical industry perspectives with an aim to trigger use case driven technology deployment. The paper also determines requirements issued by the use cases and potential technology enablers to support them.

  • “6G Technology Overview”, which focuses on key enabling technologies towards 6G such as Terahertz frequencies, Advanced radio access, next generation Multi-Input Multiple Output (MIMO), Integrated Sensing and Communication (ISAC), federated and distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI), intelligent use plane, in-network computing and flexible programmable infrastructures.

DOCOMO Euro-labs colleagues Srisakul Thakolsri (interim chair of one6G Working Group 1 and editor of the 1st White Paper), Malla Reddy Sama, Tugce Erkilic Civelek led the discussions and provided important insights for the 1st White Paper; Riccardo Guerzoni and Jari Mutikainen edited the section on “Intelligent User Plan, In-Network Computing” for the 2nd White Paper.

One6G published the results of an online survey for “vertical domains’ requirement for 6G”. The survey results show what are the verticals’ voices in terms of their expectation for 6G to support their business and operation.

Both papers were announced in the ITU-R Working Party 5D meeting (Jun. 13 – Jun. 24) and in the ITU-R IMT-2030 workshop on Jun. 14.

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