Personal Statement

I am President and CEO of DOCOMO Communication Laboratories Europe GmbH (DOCOMO Euro-Labs). After receiving Ph.D. in Information and Communication Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 2000, I started my researcher career in university. To enrich my career in a company, I joined the research laboratory of NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s largest mobile communications company, in 2002, where my research interests included ubiquitous computing, distributed computing, Web technologies in mobile environments, and 5G core network architecture. I also built a PoC system consisting of a cluster of more than 1000 servers, which later became the basis for a service called Mobile Spatial Statistics.

In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I moved to Munich and became President and CEO of DOCOMO Euro Labs. I manage DOCOMO Euro Labs’ standardization activities, pre-standardization activities and various other activities, and at the same time I act as a bridge between the company and the head office in Japan. DOCOMO Euro Labs’ activities are the driving force behind the next generation of mobile communications, contributing not only to the head office in Japan but also to the entire mobile communications industry.

Not only does DOCOMO Euro Labs contribute to DOCOMO’s business, but I’d like to contribute to making DOCOMO a more powerful company in the world by making new movements happening in Europe even a little more ingrained in the head office in Japan.