DOCOMO Communications Laboratories Europe GmbH (DOCOMO Euro-Labs) was established in November 2000 in Munich, Germany. DOCOMO Euro-Labs’ mission is to contribute to the evolution of future mobile systems. Important research areas include 5G technologies, emerging network technologies and architecture. As a part of its research, DOCOMO Euro-Labs participates in standardization activities as well as technology investigation and technology scouting. To achieve our mission, DOCOMO Euro-Labs takes advantage of its location and collaborates with European operators, vendors, venture companies and universities and contributes to standardization activities (mainly 3GPP and ETSI) and Verticals associations (mainly NGMN, 5GAA, 5G-ACIA).

Since 2005, DOCOMO Euro-Labs is at the forefront in pre-standardization and standardization of 3GPP Core Network (now 5G Core). Now, we are looking for an 5G Standardization Researcher to further boost our activities and adoption of 5G and next generation network enablers for vertical applications within NTT DOCOMO and the telecom industry at large. Together with the rest of the members at DOCOMO Euro-Labs and NTT DOCOMO, we will make a change to further enhance and facilitate the development and deployment of cost effective, highly reliable and better performing mobile networks.

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5G Standardization Researcher