DOCOMO Communications Laboratories Europe GmbH (DOCOMO Euro-Labs) was established in November 2000 in Munich, Germany.  DOCOMO Euro-Labs’ mission is to contribute to the evolution of future mobile systems. Important research areas include 5G wireless technologies, emerging network technologies and architecture. As a part of its research, DOCOMO Euro-Labs participates in standardization activities as well as technology investigation and technology scouting.

To achieve
our mission, DOCOMO Euro-Labs takes advantage of its location and collaborates with European operators, vendors, venture companies and universities and contributes to standardization activities (mainly 3GPP and ETSI).

In short, DOCOMO Euro-Labs provides new value in supporting the pioneering role NTT DOCOMO has in the world of telecommunications.


Company Name 
DOCOMO Communications Laboratories Europe GmbH 

November 10th, 2000 

7,500,000 EUR 

Dr. Goro Kunito

Mission Statement

Dr. Goro Kunito (CEO)

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