ETSI Enjoy! article on “ETSI NFV and RAN virtualization”

The ETSI Enjoy! Magazine issue of October 2023 publishes an article on “ETSI NFV and RAN virtualization”.

ETSI’ pioneering work on the softwarization of the mobile network revolutionized the telecom industry. However, today, a multi-vendor Telco cloud based on virtualization and cloudification is a necessity for operators. ETSI NFV is working on it.

At DOCOMO Euro-Labs, we actively contribute towards the standards developed within the ETSI NFV and the O-RAN Alliance; two of the main organizations concerning the standardization in the domain of virtualization and cloudification of mobile networks. As an example, Dr. Kostas Katsalis was the rapporteur of the ETSI GR NFV-IFA 046 study about “NFV support for virtualization of RAN”, which was published in May 2023.

The authors of the article published by ETSI Enjoy! are Yoshihiro Nakajima (NTT DOCOMO, chair of ETSI NFV), Dr. Kostas Katsalis (DOCOMO Euro-labs, vice-chair of ETSI NFV’s IFA working group) and Dr. Joan Triay (manager at DOCOMO Euro-labs).

The article is available here.