IEEE NOF: Keynote on “NFV and Telecom Cloudification”

On October 4, 2023, Joan Triay, manager at DOCOMO Euro-Labs, will hold a Keynote speech on “NFV and Telecom Cloudification: current state and new technology trends” at the 14th International Conference on Network of the Future.

In this keynote presentation Dr. Triay will present the current state of NFV technologies and standardization activities, with a focus on its applicability to 5G. In addition, he will introduce the challenges and technology trends in various domains such as infrastructure resources, virtualization/cloudification technologies, management, orchestration and automation, that are expected to play a key role in how NFV will evolve and adapt to become one of the key pillars for developing telecom networks beyond 5G and into 6G.

The abstract of the keynote speech is available here.

The event is an in-person conference, registration details are available here.