In February 2022, NTT DOCOMO opened the new website to advertise the activities of OREC (5G Open RAN Ecosystem), a project launched in February 2021 by NTT DOCOMO and 12 global vendors to promote the dissemination of open RANs.

The OREC project leverages NTT DOCOMO’s know-how and the strengths of major global vendors. NTT DOCOMO will offer vRAN solutions that meets the various demands from overseas carriers. The OREC project provides open labs that allow mobile network operators to get familiar with the OREC ecosystem and test multivendor solutions.

The OREC project aims also at promoting interoperability and commercialization of vRAN solutions conforming to the O-RAN Alliance standards. NTT DOCOMO and DOCOMO Euro-Labs are deeply involved in O-RAN standardization activities, primarily within the WG6 “Cloudification and Orchestration Workgroup” and the O-RAN Software Community (O-RAN SC). Working closely with the development and standards teams in Japan, we are bringing our extensive know-how in the development of NFV standards which have already been applied to the core network. The OREC project will put in practice the framework standardized by the O-RAN Alliance, enabling NTT DOCOMO and OREC partners to provide precious feedbacks to the standardization work.

For more information, the new OREC website provides an overview of OREC engagements and benefits for overseas carriers.