One6G publishes the third edition of the white paper “6G Technology Overview“

One6G published the third edition of the white paper “6G Technology Overview”, including contributions from DOCOMO Euro-Labs.

The white paper “6G Technology Overview” analyses key enabling technologies towards 6G such as Terahertz frequencies, Advanced radio access, next generation Multi-Input Multiple Output (MIMO), Integrated Sensing and Communication (ISAC), federated and distributed Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligent User Plane, In-Network Computing (INC) and flexible programmable infrastructures.

DOCOMO Euro-Labs’s colleagues Jari Mutikainen, Tugce Erkilic Civelek, Bahador Bakhshi and Riccardo Guerzoni contributed to the section on “Intelligent User Plane, In-Network Computing”. Intelligent User Plane refers to research directions to enable flatter topologies for the next generation mobile network User Plane, which shall support very low latency and efficient use of transport plane resources for applications like haptic interpersonal communication and immersive virtual reality. In-Network Computing, which describes the paradigm of delegating application-layer processing to compute resources in the data plane, is seen as a key enabler for future immersive media.

The White Paper is available on the one6G website.

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